Are you Eligible ?

Your qualification, language proficiency and ability to adapt to the life of Denmark are the key factors that make you eligible to migrate to Denmark. Considering the following factors with associated points laid by Danish Commission, you must score overall 100 points under a point based test for a successful migration process.


Educational credentials are an essential for your Denmark process. To migrate to Denmark, you must be a graduate, i.e. hold a Bachelor’s Degree. However, higher your qualification, the more score you can claim. Overall, 130 points could be scored for your qualification.


PhD 80
Master’s Degree 60
Bachelor’s Degree followed by one-year’s Master’s Degree 50
Bachelor’s Degree/Graduated from medium length education 30

Additionally, if your degree represents an internationally recognized university and fills the requirement of the Positive List, you will have a bonus of 30 points. ​

University ranks among the Top 100 15
University ranks among the Top 200 10
University ranks among the Top 400 5
Meets the requirements of the Positive List 10

Remember-Points can be obtained only for completed educational programs. You cannot claim points for an on-going degree program during application


Your language skills can help you score a maximum of 40 points under the points based test. To prove proficiency in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or German, you have to pass a recognized language assessment in any of the languages stated above. However, only the language tests which have been passed with in the past two years will be considered.

If you go for a Danish, Swedish or Norwegian language assessment, you can fetch scores as mentioned below.

Studieproven (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent) 40
Prove i Dansk 3 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent) 20
Prove i Dansk 2 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent) 10


Prove i Dansk 1 (or Swedish/Norwegian equivalent) 5

If you prove your language proficiency in English or German language, you will be allotted points accordingly:

English/German test (equivalent to Studieproven) IELTS minimum band 6.5 and TOEFL minimum 72 points 40
English/German test (equivalent to Prove i Dansk 3) IELTS minimum band 6 20



For the Danish Green Card, your quick ability to adapt to the Danish labor market is judged taking into account your education or work connection with EEA/EU (including Denmark) or Switzerland. If your adaptability to the live of Denmark meets the standard level, you can score a maximum of 15 points.

Completed an educational programme of at least three years in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 10
Completed an educational programme of at least one year in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 5
Minimum two consecutive year’s legal stay and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 10
Minimum twelve consecutive month’s (one full year) legal stay and work in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland 5

Add on– Passing the Prove i Dansk (Level 2 or higher) language skill test will fetch you with 5 bonus points for adaptability.

While you use this information to study the standard eligibility criteria, our initial evaluation service will help you know you the score your profile will fetch you and your genuine chances of migrating to Denmark. Submit your details and we will get back to you with more information on the same.