The secret to an established life in Denmark- the Danish Green Card Scheme


 Danish Green Card Scheme – at a glance– at a glance

The Danish Green Card allows skilled individuals to obtain a residence permit based solely on their qualifications for the purpose of finding work in Denmark. The residence permit is granted after a successful evaluation conducted under points-based system. Factors like educational level, language skills, and adaptability are considered for eligibility.

  • Score overall 100 points in the points-based test calculated on your qualification, language proficiency and adaptability
  • Receive your visa within a time frame of 6-10 months
  • Hold an official address in Denmark, in less than six months from the date of obtaining the residence permit
  • Earn minimum of DKK 50,000 in the first year of stay in Denmark to follow for citizenship application
  • Have sufficient funds to bring along family members
  • Be financially stable and not depend on government assistance for survival
  • Be entitled to health insurance coverage

The Danish Green Card is your significant means to represent as a permanent resident of Denmark.

If you are a skilled professional desiring of a PR status in Denmark, then a Danish Green Card Scheme allows you with a work and residence permit in Denmark. This allows you to reside in Denmark, without having to apply for a separate work permit. Also, it allows you to carry paid or unpaid employment, without any breach of the country rules. However, the Danish Green Card scheme does not allow you to run your own business in Denmark.

To migrate to Denmark under this scheme, it is mandatory for you to score overall 100 points under a point-based system, as per the rule laid by the Ministry of Immigration, Denmark. The points are allotted taking into consideration factors like educational qualification, language proficiency and your adaptability to the life of Denmark.

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The Danish Green Card gives you the following authority:

Who qualifies for the Danish Green Card?

If you relate to the following set of prerequisites, you qualify for Denmark immigration.

Education: If you hold a Bachelor’s degree,  you stand eligible for application. However, the higher the degree, the more scores you can claim. If the university you have graduated from stands among the top 400 universities, you will be benefited with additional points. On the whole, you can achieve a maximum of 130 points as your educational credentials.

Language proficiency: The condition to be eligible is to pass a recognized language test in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian or German language.  On meeting the condition, you can score maximum 40 points for your language skills.

Adaptability: Your education and work connection with EU/EEA or Switzerland can help you ease your adaptability  to the work culture of Denmark, and for this you can maximum of 15 points.  

Besides the above, you will also need:

Can your family members accompany you?

If you have a residence and work permit, your family members can migrate to Denmark along with you under specific conditions.

 How we can help you migrate to Denmark?

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