The Denmark Green Card scheme is a residence permit which allows a foreign national (skilled and professional) to live

Can a child over the age of 15 receive a residence permit?

Normally, children over the age of 15 cannot receive a residence permit. In certain circumstances, children over the age of 15 can be granted a residence permit.

Can former Danish citizens have a residence permit in Denmark?

Yes, former Danish citizens can obtain a residence permit in Denmark.

What is Positive List and what is its significance?

A positive list is a list of occupations Denmark is currently facing a shortage of qualified and skilled professionals. Its significance lies in the fact that if the applicant has been offered a position/job in one of these shortage occupations features the eligible skills, he or she can be granted a visa to work in the offered position/job. Moreover, the occupation falling under the positive list will also fetch the applicant with additional scores under work experience category.

What is the criteria for a non-EU to work in Denmark?

For a citizen of country outside the Nordic countries of the EU zone, it is mandatory for him to hold a residence and work permit.

Are there any nationality restrictions to apply for the Green card?

There are no restrictions. All the nationals of the non-EU region can apply.

What is the eligibility criteria to obtain the Green Card?

Age: 18-40 years

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

Language skill: Pass IELTS with 5-6 bands

Work Experience: 1-2 year work experience

Adaptability: Good adaptability

What is the validity of the visa?

The general validity of the Green card is 3 years. However, before the Denmark visa expires you can apply for an extension of 1 year, following by an extension of 4 years.

How does the card benefit an immigrant?

(a) Allows you to travel anywhere across Schengen zone

(b) Allows you to apply for a citizenship in future,

(c) Aids government benefits to key aspirants and also accompanying family members

(d) Benefits free higher education for children.

What is Denmark Green Card Scheme?

The Denmark Green Card scheme is a residence permit which allows a foreign national (skilled and professional) to live in Denmark and carry out paid or unpaid work. However, the Danish green Card does not allow the migrant to run his own business.

In order to obtain this residency status, one needs to pass the eligibility test with a score of 100 points.