Work Permit

Due to favorable economic, social and political environment, Denmark is considered as a highly preferable country for exploring employment opportunities. Being an active member of the European Union, Denmark has been playing a significant role in recruiting expert manpower, at a global level. At a global level.

If you too want to begin a new lease of life in Denmark and contribute to its economic growth with your employee skills and experience, then the basic thing you must have is a work permit.  A Denmark work permit, unlike the PR is a temporary permission for you to live and work in Denmark. A work permit allows you to stay and carry paid or unpaid employment for a specific period of time. However, during your stay in Denmark, you feel the need to continue work and settle in the country, you must apply for a permanent residency.

Who is eligible for a Denmark work permit?

To be eligible for a work permit in Denmark, your qualification and previous work experience should relate to the job you are applying for in Denmark. Also, before applying for the Denmark visa, you must have yourself proven of sound health and moral character.

As there are an abundant range of work opportunities in Denmark, the immigration government of Denmark has eased the migration of professionals by offering a range of Denmark work visa options.

The Danish Green Card Scheme is a great pathway for highly qualified and skilled professionals aiming of good job and permanent resident status in Denmark. If you want to apply for a work and stay permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme, you need to pass through a points based test and score the standard scores- learn about the standard scores here.

Denmark faces shortage of skilled professionals in several of its sectors. The occupations falling under these sectors have been laid on the Positive List. If you hold a job offer for any of the occupation falling under the Denmark Positive List, you can obtain a visa under the Positive List Scheme. You can further apply for a permanent residency under specific conditions.

Work permit under the Corporate Scheme is for professionals who are offered an employment transfer (for a specific period of time) to a sister company, parent corporations or affiliate in Denmark. Usually a visa under this scheme is offered to employees with special abilities or qualifications to work on specific projects in Denmark. The advantage associated to the visa under the Corporate Scheme is that as an employee you can also apply for a corporate residence permit, simultaneously travelling to your home country for work purpose, without the lapse of the visa.

This scheme, for skilled professionals is a direct means of entry into the labor market of Denmark. The only criteria to be eligible for this visa and obtain a PR through it in future, is to hold a valid and highly paid job offer. Also, in order to obtain this visa, you must provide evident documents, specifically the agreement (in writing) of employment featuring salary details and employment conditions.

This scheme is nothing but a replacement to the Corporate Scheme. The Fast Track scheme benefits the employers to invite employees of their foreign company, to join work at an immediate basis (conditions apply).