Denmark Study visa- your way to success

Denmark is nation well known for a good number of prominent universities and the high quality education system it beholds. While studying in Denmark paves a direct route to enter the labor market, especially in those sectors where Denmark is facing shortage of skilled professionals, there are several other benefits of pursuing a study in

If you are an overseas national or non-European national student planning to study in Denmark, you must initially fulfil the Denmark study visa requirements in order to obtain a Denmark study visa. On having obtained a Denmark study visa, you can opt for any of the following educational programs:

Higher Educational Programs:

You can opt for courses that fall under the category of higher educational programs in Denmark only after having completed your upper school education or equivalent. It is important to note that the educational program will be regarded “higher” only if it is included in the coordinated application system of admission (administered by Ministry of Higher Education and Science).

Note: Admission as a single-subject student, language center student, municipal language student (or similar) or admission as a student under an Open University program will not be considered as an admission to a higher educational program.

Basic and Youth Study Programs:

One of the important criteria here is that the program you have enrolled for must be offered by a publically accredited educational institution or must be authorized by the state. You can also enroll as student at a trade school. However, the visa will benefit you with a study permit and PR, both only for a maximum of one year.

In a circumstance that you cannot complete the program as per the planned time, due to medical issues, you will be given an extension of one year to complete the program.

Folk High Schools

You can migrate to Denmark through a study visa to follow a course at the folk school (folkehøjskole) or similar institutions (e.g. housekeeping, agricultural, arts and craft schools). However, once you have obtain a study visa for courses at a folk school, you must be enrolled and active throughout the course.

Remember Before you apply for a permanent residency in Denmark, it is mandatory for you to find a place of study in Denmark and be accepted as a student. Also, you have to prove that you can speak and understand the language of instruction (it could be Danish, English, Swedish, German or Norwegian). Equally, you must be financially strong to support yourself and pursue the respective courses at your own expense, without depending upon any governmental assistance.