All you need to know about migrating to the happiest country of the world- Denmark

admin March 9, 2016

All you need to know about migrating to the happiest country of the world- Denmark

Denmark, despite having vast range of employment opportunities is facing a huge shortage of skilled professionals currently. For the same reason, the nation has made immigration a much easy approach. Liberal immigration policies and a varied range of migration solutions have made it easy for skilled and talented youth to migrate to Denmark and contribute to its economic growth. Among the many ways to migrate to Denmark, the Danish Green Card Scheme is the swiftest mode of migrating to Denmark followed by a Permanent Resident status.

The Danish Green Card Scheme

The Danish Green Card Scheme is issued to an individual based on his eligibility to migrate to Denmark under a point based system. For obtaining the visa under this scheme, one needs to score 100 points under the point based test. The Danish Green Card Scheme allows one to live and work in the country without obtaining a separate work permit. However, the applicant can carry paid or unpaid work but cannot establish his own business in the nation.

Once you receive your permit, it is mandatory for you to Denmark and claim your official address within a time period of 6 months. Also, you must find your place of work. During the first year of being granted a residence, you must earn a minimum of DKK 50,000 in Denmark. Moreover, until you are settled at an official address in Denmark, you are not eligible to bring accompanying family members to Denmark.

Who is eligible for the Danish Green Card Scheme?

An applicant is allotted scores taking into consideration certain aspects like qualification, work experience, English Language proficiency and adaptability factors.


  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree is mandatory to score a minimum of 30 points
  • Additional 30 points if your qualification relates to the job skills the country is facing shortage
  • Bonus points if your university is listed among the top 400
  • Overall, a maximum of 130 points can be scored for education

Language skills:

It is mandatory for an applicant to pass an approved English language test and submit the documentation of the same. Overall, maximum 40 points can be scored for this prerequisite.


Your work experience and the educational program you have undertaken will help you score for your adaptability factors. Overall, a good adaptability to live and work in Denmark will fetch you a maximum of 15 points.