Living in Denmark

 10 best reasons to live in Denmark

  1. Accorded as the World’s Happiest Country and the Most Livable Country of the World.
  2. The Monarchy of Denmark is the oldest and the most-liked monarchies of the Europe (77% of Danes are happy with the monarchy system- statistics of the Politiken report).
  3. Badges top numbers in the list of countries with high-income equality and very satisfied employees.
  4. Ranked as the 2nd country in Europe and 6th in the World, in the “Ease of doing business” report by Forbes World Bank
  5. Great education system which offers free education in the most beautiful universities the nation beholds.
  6. Danes are ranked as No.1 in the world in terms of experienced well-being (assessed using a question called the “Ladder of Life” from the Gallup World Poll)
  7. Maternity leave is granted for 52 weeks and is 100% paid.
  8. Even after you lose your job, 90% of your salary will be paid by the government, for about 2 years.
  9. When it comes to Human Rights, Denmark indeed holds a spotless record. The nation has twice received the Worlds Best Treater of Humans award from Sting.
  10. Climate, food, co-housing, free roads, shopping centres, architecture and less corruption make the nation an amazing place to dwell.
Living in Denmark will indeed give a new turn to your life. The work culture, peaceful environment, social able population and affordable cost of living keep Denmark in good reviews for migrants to settle with ease. The following highlights will help you briefly understand about living in Denmark.

Denmark accommodations:

Where Denmark has brought in innovative migration solutions to welcome foreign nations for study and work, both, it has also introduced flexible sources where aspirants can plan for an accommodation before landing into the country.  While your application is under process, you can browse places like BoligPortal, Housing Denmark,, which shall help you find a house in Denmark, all just by a simple click. If you are migrating as a student, you certainly would prefer a place which is not a burden to your pockets. While student housing is the best option, there are a number of other sources as well that will help you live in the country to pursue your desired career as a student.

Danish lifestyle:

Denmark holds a population that is well known for their friendly attitude towards immigrants. While the sophistication of the city makes it admirable, the clean beaches and green forest make it a nation of peace. The government of the country keeps safety at a high priority and that is why one can roam about freely and safely, anywhere in the country at any point of time.

Denmark welfare society:

Free education system, health care benefits and easy approach to the government authorities marks Denmark a nation concerned for the welfare of the society. After having become a permanent residence of watch replica Denmark, not only the primary applicant but his family will also be entitled to a number of benefits. Read about a detailed information here.

Denmark common goods:

Besides having an excellent education system and extensive health care facilities, people living and working in Denmark have access to numerous common goods. A stable transport system, well maintained driving and cycling infrastructure, multiple free cultural activity spots, recreational facilities and overall quality of live indeed make a Denmark a pleasant place to live and work.