Do you need to have a job offer before applying for a Danish Green Card?

admin March 21, 2016

Do you need to have a job offer before applying for a Danish Green Card?

One among the many immigrant favorite destinations is Denmark. While the nation is known for its peaceful culture and corrupt-free government, the flexibility of obtaining a Danish Green Card is indeed the attention seeker for professionals. This is because the Danish Green card allows an immigrant to work and reside in the nation, without the breach of the country rules, whereas a work permit only allows employment and stay for a specific period of time. While the Danish Green Card Scheme clearly states that an immigrant is not eligible to establish his own business in the country under the scheme, most aspirants ask us Do I need a job offer before I apply for a Danish Green Card?” Well, the answer is- absolutely NO.

Though the Danish Green Card Scheme allows you to work on having reached the country, it is not mandatory for you to be entitled to a work opportunity before applying for the visa under the Green Card Scheme. However, a job offer is mandatory only when you are planning to sponsor a Denmark immigration of your family members or eligible dependents. Besides, you also must have sufficient funds to support the stay of yourself and your dependents in Denmark and must not depend on any kind of government assistance for your survival.

“If you have held a residence permit in Denmark based on, for example, asylum or family reunification, but your residence permit has been revoked or denied extension, you can be granted a new residence permit if you have held a job or operated an independent business for an extended period of time.” (ref.

While applying for a work and residence permit under the Danish Green Card scheme will be of a greater advantage, you can also migrate to Denmark for work under any of the following schemes too:

  1. Positive Limit Scheme: In case you have a job offer which covers any of the occupation of the Positive list, you can apply under this scheme.
  2. The Corporate Scheme: This visa is ideal for professionals who are offered an employment transfer (for a specific period of time) to a sister company, parent corporations or affiliate in Denmark. Usually this visa is granted to employees with special abilities or qualifications to work on specific projects in Denmark.
  3. The Pay Limit Scheme: This scheme, for skilled professionals is a direct means of entry into the labor market of Denmark.

To apply for a job after having obtained your visa, you can depend on job portals or classifieds featuring employment opportunities in Denmark. Often, applying through such could be a slow process, with minimal guaranteed results. Connect to us here and our immigration experts will tell you all about how you easily migrate to Denmark and start working in that nation of peace, hassle free.