Visa options for your Denmark visit

admin March 9, 2016

Visa options for your Denmark visit

Planning for a Denmark visit and lack knowledge of the visa option that best suits your purpose? Then, you are onto the right page. We will tell you about the different visa options for Denmark, and you could go for anyone of them as per the purpose of your visit.

The basic classification of visas to Denmark is made as per the purpose of your visit. One may visit to Denmark for business purpose, medical reasons, private reasons, attending cultural events or just for a pleasant vacation in the world’s most peaceful country.

Business visa:

If you are willing to travel to Denmark for a business purpose, then it is mandatory for you to obtain a business visa. However, having an actual commercial relationship with the business or company you are planning to visit in Denmark is an essential to obtain this visa. In case you are subjected to work permit regulations, you will not be granted this visa.

To migrate to Denmark by the means of the business visa, you need to hold the following documents:

  • Evident documents proving your educational qualification
  • Business permit of proof of registration of business issued by relevant authorities in the home country.
  • Proof of business dealings
  • Proof of financial documents you earn from your business
  • Confirmation letter of visit, sent by the company you are planning to visit in Denmark.
  • If moving in a group, description of each participant must be provided.

Visit visa:

This visa is for candidates willing to migrate to Denmark for a short period of time. Their purpose could be a medical visit, personal visit to family and friends or visiting the country to attend any cultural events like sport events. However, providing an evident document stating a genuine and confirmed purpose of migration is mandatory to obtain a visit visa.

Permanent Residence visa:

An aspirant willing to migrate to Denmark for a long term stay can obtain a PR visa. This visa allows an applicant with an extended stay in Denmark, followed by a benefit of applying for a permanent residence in the country.