Experience the joy of earning through an opulent job market-the Danish labor market

Denmark is a hub of employment opportunities. The Danish labor market attracts foreign graduates by throwing a range of opportunities in various sectors, however the scope for foreign nationals with Danish qualification and work experience is comparably higher. Currently, Denmark is experiencing shortage of skilled professionals in various sectors. The Positive List will help you learn about the occupations the country is looking to fill in expeditiously.

Is it easy to find a job in Denmark?

If you are a skilled worker and have basic knowledge of the Danish labor market, then finding employment in Denmark for yourself becomes stress-free. Surveys mark Denmark as one of the best places to be employed in Europe, majorly because of the flexibility of the Danish labor market and employee welfare it beholds. While being proficient in the English language is the basic criteria for a good job in Denmark, having knowledge of the Danish language will increase your chances of permanent employment in Denmark. Having a Danish diploma or a course pursued in Denmark which relates the skill set of the occupation you choose is an add-on to your job hunt.

Benefits of working in Denmark

Average working hours: Denmark normally has a 37 hours per week work schedule.  As of the Working Time Act, the average working hours during a seven day period must not exceed 48 hours, including over time and nightly working hours must not exceed eight hours for each 24 hr. work schedule.

No age limit: If you are looking for a managerial position in Denmark, age is no bar. Public companies, private companies and foundations carrying on business activities employee candidates above 18 years with no upper age limit to fill in the managerial positions.

Holidays:  As of the statutory, Denmark labor market offers a minimum of five week’s leave entitlement. Employees generally have the right to 2.08 days’ paid holiday for each month. The holiday year runs from 1st May to 30th April, with 12 public holidays (approx.) and the Constitution Day as their national off.

Social benefits: Benefits like holiday pay, sickness benefits, maternity benefits, lower taxation of employment income, employments bonuses etc. make good reasons to work in Denmark.

Written employment contract: A written employment of contract is provided to employees, adhering to the principle of the Employment Contract Act.

Contribution based benefits: You can work and make contributions to the social sector of Denmark, which eventually gives you the benefit of availing many Danish social security benefits like unemployment benefits, permanent or temporary incapacity benefits etc.

Pensions: The well-known pensions systems in Denmark are private and state pensions. Under specific conditions, you can avail the benefits of pensions in Denmark.

Work-life balance: The flexible working hours in Denmark has a positive impact on the career of men and women, both. Among the many OECD members, Denmark is the only nation where maternity does not cause any kind of hindrance to the employment of women.

Work opportunities in Denmark

If you have a Danish educational background, your chances of finding a job in Denmark comparably are higher. If you do not hold any as such, a best suggestion is to go for EU programs (Erasmus+) that specialize in training foreign nationals become adaptable to the work culture of Denmark and then apply for a job. Internships and apprenticeships will also help you develop skills for Denmark employment.

In terms of the work opportunities in Denmark, the nation is well known for industries dealing in production of metals, furniture and wood, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, textiles and clothing, chemical industries, machinery and transport equipment and metals. However, currently Denmark is facing a shortage of skilled professionals in engineering, medical, IT and social work occupations. Here are a good number of sources that will help you find work in Denmark.

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  6. Danish Yellow Pages
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  9. Karriere Vejviser (company profiles)
  10. European Youth Portal (casual work)

Disclaimer: The information provided is a general guide based upon the information gathered from authorized Denmark guides and is subjected to change as per rule changes, with little or no notice.